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Yang Mian


1970 Born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

1997 Graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree

1997-Now Teaching in Dept. of Fine art of Southwest Jiaotong University


2016  Yang Mian New Paintings, M. Sutherland Fine Art, New York, NY, USA


2008  ‘Kultur’, Borsen, Germany

2007  “The Cultural Evolution”, Forbes Life, USA

2000  “Young China”, Time Magazine, USA


SOLO Exhibitions

2016  Yang Mian New Paintings, M. Sutherland Fine Art, New York, NY, USA

2016  Yang Mian 2016, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu, China

2012 CMYK-Yang Mian Painting, Shanghai Art Museum,Shanghai, China

2008 Posing, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2008  From Classic to Standard, Modernism Inc, San Francisco, USA

2007  Classical, Z-Art Center, Shanghai, China

2006  2005 Yang Mian’s Standard,798 Space, Beijing, China

2004  2003 Yang Mian’s Standard, Xintiandi, Shanghai, China

1999  The Beauty Standard, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions

2018  Splendors of the Sun and Moon – China Contemporary Art Exhibition, June 7 – July 22nd, Museo Querini Stampalia Fondazione, Venice, Italy

2016  Time. Flip over, Artron Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

2014  Living in Chengdu, Kuandu Museum of Fine art, TaiPei, China Taiwan

2014  Nanjin International Art Festival, Nanjing, China

2014  Present Ink Recital Louder Than Paint, Shanghai Gallery Of Art, Shanghai, China Tunnel of

inspiration,A4 Art Center, Chengdu, China

2013  St. Moritz Art Master Exhibition, St.Moritz, Switzerland2013  PURE VIEWS Transformation of Chinese Contemporary Art,L’arts Santa Monica Art Center, Barcelona, Spain

2013  Pure Views, New Paintings from China – Traditions Reactivated, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan 2011

2013  Pure Views-New Painting from China, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA

2010 Unable Absence-Contemporary Art exhibition of Wenxun, Wenxun Art
Museum, Chengdu, China And-Writers, 1st Nanjing Biennale, Jiangsu Art Museum, Jiangsu, China

2010  Pure Views-Remote from Streams and Mountains New Painting China, Louise Blouin Foundation, London. UK Reshaping History, CNCC, Beijing, China

2008 Reflective Asia-3rd Nanjing Triennial, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing, China

2008  Enclaves: New Contemporary Paintings of China, Square Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nanjing, China The Sichuan Movement, National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia

2007 The New Wind from China, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

2006  The Naked Truth: Six Chengdu-Based Chinese Contemporary Artists, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2006  Beyond Dimension: Chinese New Painting, Square Gallery, Nanjing, China

2005  Biennale of Contemporary Chinese Art, Montpellier, France

2005  Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland

2005  Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu, China

2004 4+1: New Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Taipei

2003 The Third China National Exhibition of Oil Painting, Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

2003  New Generation and Post-Revolution, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2002  Mirage: Contemporary Art Exhibition Suzhou Art Museum, Shuzhou, China

2000  Family Exhibition Museum,Shanghai Furniture Warehouse, Shanghai, China
Individual & Society in Art, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong, Chin

2000  The Chengdu Movement, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1999  99 Academic Exhibition, Upriver Gallery, Chengdu, China

1998  Changing Views, Kunst 88 Museum, Almelo, Netherlands

1997  Urban Individuality, Chengdu Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

1996  Personal Experience, Gallery of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Chongqing, China

1998-1999  Contemporary Chinese Art Awards (Switzerland – China Institute of Contemporary Art)