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Established in 1999, M Sutherland Fine Arts continues to offer our assistance and services online and by special appointment, relocated now to a seaside farm in Virginia. While some dealers of Modern Chinese Art are comparatively new to the field and concentrate solely on avant-garde styles, M. Sutherland Fine Art has expanded from Contemporary masters of traditional ""Shan-Shui"" or Ink-Brush landscape paintings and scrolls, to include art and subject matter the in the Western tradition of oil painting and sculpture. M. Sutherland Fine Arts is uniquely qualified to guide collectors in understanding the constantly changing Contemporary art scene in China. It is our privilege and passion to introduce you to this world.

Our principal, Martha Sutherland, is a Princeton-educated art historian who speaks fluent idiomatic Mandarin. Her graduate work took place under the instruction of two luminaries in field, Professor Chutsing Li of the University of Kansas and Laurence Sickman of the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City. Her work at the National Palace Museum in Taipei and two years of post-graduate study at the Central Art Academy in Beijing, afforded an opportunity to make lasting contacts in the Chinese Art community. Overall, Martha Sutherland spent 18 years in China, first as a student and then as a member of the United States Foreign Service. It is safe to say, one might be hard-pressed to find another dealer of Contemporary Chinese Art in the United States with this level of erudition and insight into Modern Chinese Art and culture. The gallery is here to share that unique knowledge with our clients. We are happy to set up a remote appointment via email, phone, videoconference or special appointment at our Virginia farm. For inquiries, please feel free to contact the gallery for additional information.

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