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Hsu Kuohuang


Hsu Kuohuang (also Yi-hsuan)

1950 Born in Keelung, Taiwan

1967 Studied Calligraphy & the “Four Gentlemen” (Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthenum)

1972 Graduated from National Taiwan Art Institute with a degree in Art Design

1974 Taught at Tou-cheng Middle High School, I-lan County

1975 Commenced studying with Mr. Chian Chao-shen

1978 Employed at the Cathy Art Museum

1982 Solo Exhibition at the Kan-cheng Gallery, Taipei

1984 Employed in the Dept of Painting & Calligraphy, The National Palace Museum, Taipei

1985 Solo Exhibition at Hsiung Shih Gallery, Taipei

1987 Solo Exhibition the Lindau Municipal Museum, Germany 1988 Solo Exhibition at Caves Gallery, Taipei

1989 Solo Exhibition the Kaohsiung Municipal Social Education Hall

1990 Solo Exhibition at Ching-hua Gallery, Taipai

1991 Joint Exhibition-Chiang Chao-shen and Hsu Kuo-huang, Teacher and Student, organized by Pu-Chuang Gallery

1992 Solo Exhibition at Caves Gallery, Taichung

1994 Solo Exhibition at Caves Gallery, Taichung

1996 Solo Exhibition at Taipei Hanart Gallery

2000 Joint Exhibition of Hsia I-fu and Hsu Kuo-huang, M. Sutherland Fine Arts Ltd

2002 Joint Exhibition of Chen Chi-kuan & Hsu Kuo-hunag at the Institute of East Asian Studies, Charles University, Prague

2003 Solo Exhibition, M. Sutherland Fine Arts Ltd

2004 Solo Exhibition at the National Gallery, Prague Retired from the Dept. of Painting and Calligraphy, the National Palace Museum; Taught “The History of Chinese Painting” as an invited professor at Univerzita Karlovav Praze

2005 Solo Exhibition, “Art on and of the Gentle Sheen of Paper” at Taiwan Foresty Research Institute, Taipei

2006 Solo Exhibition at Hong-jah Museum, Taipei; Solo Exhibition at M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd.

2008 Invited as a connoisseur by the Department of Asia of The British Museum to study and evaluate their collected Chinese paintings and calligraphy

2010 Modern Calligraphy Masterworks, M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd.

2013 Solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of the Cultural Affairs, Bureau, Keelung City

2014 Solo Exhibition at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei City; Solo Exhibition at M. Sutherland Fine Art, New York, United States