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Hu Xiangdong


1961 Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

1988 Graduated from Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts

2007 Solo Exhibition, “Estranged,” M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd.

2007 Solo Exhibition, “Artificial Reality,” Gallery Won, Seoul

2006 Rotating Summer Expression, Schocni Gallery, Hong Kong

“Mix & Match” Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Art District, Beijing

2005 Western Paintings by Chinese Artists, Chongyuan Autumn Auction, Shanghai

“Critical: Factory Zero Art Exhibition” 798 Art District, Beijing

100 International Artists Invitation Exhibition, Napoli, Italy

2004 “Body and City” Cotemporary Art Exhibition, Zhengduimian gallery, Beijing

Chinese Gallery Recommendation & International Gallery Invitation Exhibition, Beijing

2003 “Walking Forward” Chinese Cotemporary Art Exhibition, NUS Museum, Singapore

99 Miniature Exhibition, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing

“China Today” Fine Arts Exhibition, Art Gallery of China Millennium Monument, Beijing

2002 The Architectural Experience: Person-Ethics-Space, the Space of Cultural Experience, Tianjin Chinese

Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition, Duisburg, Germany

“Guangzhou Triennial Reinterpretation: A Decade of Experimental Chinese Art (1990-2000)” Guangdong Art Museum,

Guangzhou China Contemporary Art Seasons, Singapore

Chinese Oil Paintings & Sculptures, Healthen Auctions Appreciation & Collection, Beijing

2001 International Asian Art Fair, Singapore

Different Words, Artist Store, Beijing

Crossroads, Changed Modem Art Gallery, Sichuan

Aed Hot: Chinese Cotemporary Art Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

2000 Post Material: Interpretations of Everyday Life by Contemporary Chinese Artists, Beijing

1999 Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Fukuka Art Museum, Japan

Chinese Characters: Food for Thought, De Wette Dame, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Oh, La, La, Ketch!, Tianjin

Open channels, DongYu Museum of Fine Arts, Shenyang

“Poly Phenolrene” Plastic Art Exhibition, Beijing

1998 Chinese Cotemporary Art Exhibition, Zurich, Switzerland

1996 Personal Touch, TEDAContemproary Art Museum, Tianjin

Gaudy Life, Beijing

1986 “Reality: Today & Tomorrow” Chinese Contemporary Art, Beijing

1985 Eastern China Young Artists Tour Exhibition

‘Jiangsu Youth Art Week” Modern Art Exhibition, Jiangsu Art Gallery