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Hai Tao


The youngest of a family of intellectuals in Nanjing, Hai Tao (born 1959) was immersed in the scholarly world as a small boy. Nanjing, still referred to by artists by the traditional name, Jinling, has been a center for literati pursuits in China for thousands of years. Hai Tao graduated from the Nanjing Art Academy and worked as a designer at the Nanjing Film Studio. He continued to paint in his spare time and then, several decades ago, he completely dedicated himself to painting.

Hai Tao is currently a member of the Nanjing Painting Academy and has won numerous awards for his work in China. He has also participated in international shows in Australia and the United States.

1959 Born in Nanjing

1965 Began study of classical poetry

1969 Began study of calligraphy and painting

1980 Began working as an Animation and Graphic Designer, Nanjing Film Studio

1982 Pompidou Art Center, Paris. Participated with of Nanjing Film Studio Animation Award-winning team

1984 Graduated from the Nanjing Academy of Art

1985-90 Traveled extensively to all the scenic mountains in China, sketching and photographing

1990 “Painting by Hai Tao and Lu Gaojian,” Jiangsu province, Gulou Park Gallery,Nanjing

1991 “Young Artists’ Works,” Group show, Jiangsu Provincial Art Gallery

1999-00 Won Three National Animation Film Awards for his work on three animated children’s films

2002 Recognized as a “Select Painter” (Te Pin Hua Jia), Jiangsu Traditional Painting Academy

2003 Joint Exhibition with his father, Hai Xiao (renowned calligrapher, born 1927) “Calligraphy and Painting by Hai

Xiao and Hai Tao,” Kunshan Painting Academy, Jiangsu Province

2005 “Calligraphy and Painting by Hai Xiao and Hai Tao,” Sydney Art & Cultural Center, Australia

2007 Solo show, Wooster Art Space, “Dancing Mountains,” New York, NY

Solo show, New York, M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd. “Mountain Fantasia: Contemprary Chinese Ink Painting by Hai Tao,” New York, NY

2011 Solo Show, “Spirit Rock, Sacred Mountain: A Chinese View of Nature,” Baruch College, CUNY

2012 Group show, “Reinventing Landscape,” Baruch College, CUNY

2014 Solo Show, “Hai Tao: New Paintings,” M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd., New York, NY