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Chen Yufei


(b. 1962, Heifei)

1977 – 1981 Fine Arts Department, Anhui Normal University

1997 – 1999 Academy of Arts, Braunschweig, Germany

Present Vice-Professor of the School of Architecture & Art, Heifei University of Technology


2007 Red Gate Gallery

2005 M. Sutherland Fine Arts Ltd

2002 – 2005 Chen Fan Gallery, Shanghai

1997 Chen Yufei’s Studio Opening, Academy of Arts, Braunschweig, Germany

1996 Shida Gallery, USA

1994 Yun Feng Gallery, Beijing

1993 Ron Einblau Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

1992 Gallery 13, Hong Kong



2006 Limitation & Freedom, Art Centre, Wuhan

2005 San Francisco International Contemporary Art Exposition

Beijing International Art Camp

The First Five Artists in Residence Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing

Together & Different, 798 Yan Club, Beijing

2004 2004 Asia Contempoary Art Exhibition, Gwangju, Korea

“There is a Sack of Rice Falling Over in China but Nobody Cares About It,” Performance and Theatre Festival, Berlin New Year

2004 – Image, Guangzhou Academy of Art

Double Imagination, Shenghua Arts Centre, Nanjing

8 – 2 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Art Documents Storehouse

2002 Triennial of Chinese Arts, Guangzhou

Touching Memory, Yi Dian Gallery, Shanghai

2001 100 Faces Photograph of Conception, Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW, Dusseldorf, Germany

1999 – 2000 China 46 Contemopary Art, Melborne, Taipei, Newe York

1997 Rundgung, Academy of Arts, braunschweig, Germany

1989 China Avant-Garde, No U-Turn, National Art Gallery of China, Beijing